Introducing the Empowered Business Box™. Your secret weapon for creating digital products that people actually want to buy!

This is Your One-Stop-Shop for Launching and Scaling Profitable Digital Products. Proven Tools that CONVERT, Delivered to You Every Month!


You started your business to help people. Maybe you're helping teachers spend less time creating lesson plans or helping moms practice self-care, or helping bloggers get more traffic.

Through hours and hours of research, you've found that the best way to serve your audience while making money is through digital products, whether it's printables, templates, spreadsheets, eBooks, guides, or courses. High-five, friend! 🙌

But building a profitable sales machine is time-consuming... and your past attempts may have left you with few sales or opt-ins.

Opt-in pages, sales pages, social graphics, product mock-ups, email copy, testimonials, tracking spreadsheets, OH MY!

Selling your product should be the simple part. Don't let a flat funnel be the demise of your business. 😭

Your precious time should be spent creating your next profitable digital product, not re-arranging product mock-ups, and tweaking sales pages.

That's where your secret weapon comes in: the Empowered Business Box.


  • You had a steady stream of new ideas and top-notch resources to keep your digital products fresh and profitable.
  • You had expertly-designed funnel templates that were made to convert visitors, helping you feel confident that your funnel will actually work.
  • You could skip ahead in line and create a profitable digital product at warp speeds because you had the right resources at your fingertips.
  • Your digital products sold on auto-pilot, freeing you up to do what you love, like moving your business forward and enjoying your family.

Inside the Empowered Business Box, you'll have a steady stream of funnel templates, swipe copy, promo graphics, and more to enhance your digital products and increase your revenue.



A digital product is an asset you create once that teaches your knowledge and skills. It's highly profitable because you can sell it over and over again!


A conversion-worthy tool is a resource that's focused on turning visitors into paying customers. It focuses on conversions, not just traffic!


A sales funnel is a fancy way to describe your customer's journey. It's the roadmap from how a new visitor lands on your sales page to becoming a paying, loyal customer!



The Empowered Business Box is a monthly membership that provides digital product entrepreneurs (that's you!) with resources to enhance your digital products and sales funnels from top to bottom.

Each month members will receive...

  • (1) Themed Digital Product Toolbox: Each toolbox will contain 2 to 5 conversion-worthy tools to enhance a specific part of your customer journey. Each tool/template is fully customizable to your brand! $97 value
  • Digital Product Launchpad: Get your hands on our best-selling kit that will help you create and launch your first (or next!) digital product! It includes Canva templates, website templates, and simple video tutorials for setting up a digital product sales funnel. Learn more here. $97 value
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group where you can share ideas and get feedback for your business. $47 value
  • 20% off everything in the Monica Froese Shop.
  • Help guides for Canva, Elementor, Leadpages, and more!

Examples of different tools we may include...


  • Website conversion-worthy sales funnel templates (sales pages, opt-ins, tripwires, etc.)
  • Testimonial templates and graphics
  • Product mock-ups
  • Social media content
  • Pinterest & Facebook ad image templates
  • Video elements
  • Content prompts


  • Printable templates
  • Product templates for eBooks, guides, spreadsheets, etc.
  • SOP templates
  • Webinar slide templates
  • Sales scripts
  • Customer survey templates


  • Email templates
  • Email graphics
  • Welcome sequences
  • Opt-in sequences
  • Sales sequences
  • Newsletter formulas
  • Launch sequences
  • ThriveCart templates
  • Objection scripts


  • Tracking spreadsheets
  • Launch debriefs
  • Project plans
  • Financial planners
  • ...and so much more!

Please note: It is up to the discretion of the Monica Froese Team to determine what each month's box will contain. Each month's box will have a retail value of $97. We can't make guarantees on whether or not these items will end up in our shop.



This is for you IF...

  • You're new to digital products and you're looking for templates and tools that will help you quickly get your first digital product out into the world so you can start making MONEY.
  • You're already selling digital products but you want to SAVE TIME by using templates you know will convert instead of constantly guessing about what will work.
  • You're ready to scale your business by selling digital products but you don't know where to start and you want proven tools to help you scale FAST.

If this sounds like you, then the Empowered Business Box is your secret weapon to taking your business with digital products to the next level! 🚀

Becky earned $7,000 in one month using our website templates...

"Monica's sales page templates have skyrocketed my profits. I was able to earn $7,000 in the first month I used her templates by creating tripwires from them.

Monica is an expert at sales funnels, it was no wonder her sales page templates are so effective. I recommend everyone pick up these low-cost templates now!"

-Becky Beach, Full-time blogger at


1. Sign up for the month-to-month or six-month membership.

2. Log into the membership dashboard and download the latest toolbox.

3. Customize the tools to your brand, strengthen your digital product sales strategy, and maximize your conversions!



GET THE EMPOWERED BUSINESS BOX TODAY...and launch your own digital product tomorrow!


each month


every 6 months (save $35)!

CANCEL ANYTIME! There is no long-term commitment required.


When you join the Empowered Business Box TODAY, you'll get immediate access to the Social Media Super Bundle Toolbox! It includes...

  • Facebook Group Cover Photo Templates to bring a fresh new look to your Facebook Group
  • Facebook Group Square Social Templates: to share posts and engage with your group members
  • Social Media Square Templates: to display and engage with your audience
  • Instagram Story Templates: interactive an engaging stories to connect with your audience and gain new followers
  • Instagram Reel Covers Templates: to add a fresh look and pop of color to your Reels
  • Pinterest Pins Templates: to promote and share your products with your audience
  • Promoted Pins Templates: Increase traffic and sales with these new and seasonally colored templates
  • YouTube Thumbnail Templates: to complete the look of your social media upgrade, add these coordinated covers to your YouTube thumbnails

Each template is fully customizable to your brand colors. You can choose to use the color palette provided or swap out the colors easily for your own brand!


You might be thinking, "Come on, are digital products REALLY all they're hyped up to be?!"

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

One of my digital products products, a budgeting spreadsheet, made me almost $75,000 ON AUTOPILOT over the course of just one year! 🤯

Not convinced yet? Over just TWO MONTHS in 2020, my team and I made almost $30,000 releasing just a few new digital products into our product suite!

As you can see, creating a profitable digital product business IS possible. If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

I started my first blog in 2013 while working in corporate America and suffering from severe postpartum PTSD. Soon after having my daughter, I realized that I could turn my blog into a real business if I gave it 100%. Not only could I make an income for my family, I could spend more time with my daughters and give a voice to working mothers struggling with the same feelings I had.

Digital products quickly became the most profitable line item for my business. Since starting my blog, I've made over $1 million using my unique sales funnel strategies for my digital products and courses.

Digital products have helped me do so many things that I never dreamed imaginable. I self-funded my second maternity leave, paid off $65,000 in credit card debt, employ other women in my business, and built a new home (in 2020!) for my family where I now have a real office that's not the dining room table (fun fact: I made over a million dollars with no office whatsoever)!

If you want to learn how to amplify your products and take your business to the next level, you are in exactly the right place. I hope you'll join me in my newest membership!



This membership is for bloggers, content creators, service providers, online course sellers, physical product creators, and existing digital product sellers who are looking to grow their email list and increase sales using our unique conversion-worthy tools.

The products given in the membership are for creators in all stages of their journey, from newbies to advanced digital product creators!

Yes and no...we make sure that each drop includes resources for anyone to use, regardless of platform unless noted below.

Our website templates are only able to be imported into Leadpages or WordPress Elementor at this time, but we also include preview links so you can build the pages in your own platform.

The graphic templates are made using Canva (you only need a free account!) and our spreadsheets are made in Google Sheets; however, they can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

Yes! We recently added a members-only Facebook group to the Empowered Business Box where you can collaborate with fellow digital product entrepreneurs.

Absolutely! A solid digital product strategy starts with building your email list, so we'll be including resources to make this happen!

Yes! Adding a digital product to an existing physical product is an amazing way to increase profitability to your bottom line. We highly recommend adding a digital product to your physical product business.

Absolutely! Every month, we will give you a color palette that you can use or you can easily change everything out to match your brand!

Some of the products in the membership will be listed in the shop for a higher price point than you would pay for them in the membership. However, there will also be member-exclusive content that only current members will be able to access.

New toolboxes are released on the first Monday of each month for download.

Each month's toolbox is available until the first Monday of the following month. For example, if you join on December 15th, 2020, you would have until the first Monday of January to download the current box. It's up to members to download that month's materials before they disappear! See our terms for more details.

Once you download the tools in the monthly box, you will have lifetime access to use them.

From time to time, we understand that there may be products that require a bit more tech support to implement into your business. When that's the case, we will provide the necessary instructions to use it - we won't leave you in the dust! However, we can't guarantee that every toolkit will include a tech training.

At this time all the content in the membership is for individual use only. You may not share or sell the products of the membership to any third-parties. This includes client work.

We are considering offering a multi-use membership option. If this is something you would be interested in, please let us know at!

Due to the digital nature of the products in each toolbox, we are not able to provide refunds. However, we aim to make each toolbox as usable as possible by ANYONE selling digital products in their business!

If you decide that the membership is no longer serving your business, you can easily cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to the membership until the end of your current billing cycle. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Absolutely! You can easily cancel inside of our membership portal. There is NO long-term commitment.

Although I have been selling online for years, the technical side of setting up pretty landing pages is not my strong suit. Monica's website templates were a life saver! I was able to easily customize her templates and create functional, high quality landing pages in no time versus agonizing forever to create something on my own!

I use the lead magnet and Triple Dip landing pages every day in my business! The best part is that they not only look gorgeous, they are high-converting! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a professional looking, high converting landing page without all the headache

- Lena Gott, What Mommy Does


GET THE EMPOWERED BUSINESS BOX TODAY...and launch your own digital product tomorrow!


each month


every 6 months (save $35)!

CANCEL ANYTIME! There is no long-term commitment required.

Ali's email list exploded and sales drastically increased after using our templates for her sales funnel!

Starting from scratch when creating sales pages or opt-in pages was so overwhelming to me that I just kept putting it off. I kept making new opt-ins and digital products, but they weren’t getting seen by anyone = no income.

After taking Monica’s courses, I realized she is a genius in creating highly profitable funnels. I started using her exact templates for my sales, tripwire, and opt-in pages and immediately started growing my email list at a much higher rate! My income has drastically increased because I am finally introducing and promoting my digital products.

Her templates not only make it quick and easy to launch my new products and opt-ins, but they also have helped me improve my sales copy.

-Ali Chovanek, Chronic Illness Warrior Life