Meet your secret weapon to creating and selling digital products without the headache.
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"Monica's templates have skyrocketed my profits.

I was able to earn $7,000 in the first month I used her templates.

Monica is an expert at sales funnels, it was no wonder her templates are so effective. I recommend everyone pick up these low-cost templates now!"

-Becky Beach, Digital Product Creator at Mom Beach

Imagine if...

  • You had an arsenal of proven tools and top-notch resources to keep your digital products fresh and profitable.
  • You had expertly-designed funnel templates that were made to convert visitors, helping you feel confident that your funnel will actually WORK.
  • You could skip ahead in line and create a profitable digital product at warp speeds because you had the right resources at your fingertips.
  • Your digital products sold on auto-pilot, freeing you up to do what you love, like moving your business forward and enjoying your family.

With the Empowered Business Box, you'll have a proven arsenal of funnel templates, swipe copy, promo graphics, digital product templates, and more to enhance your online business and increase your revenue.

With the Empowered Business Box, you will...

when you create your digital products with proven tools

about launching your new digital product into the world

that your audience will drool over

without feeling pushy, because you have an offer your audience is begging for!

What's inside the Box...

A variety of powerful tools
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One of the best way to grow your audience? Empower them with free resources, create relationships, and grow your email list all at the same time! 12 Days of Giveaways is a strategy for a multi-day campaign that can explode your email list growth.

  • Opt-in and Delivery Hub page templates (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • Project Planning Board to Easily Plan and Stay on Track (Trello and Asana)
  • 7-Email Nurture Sequence Swipe Copy to Execute Your Campaign
  • Promo Graphics in Canva for Facebook, Instagram Story, and Pinterest

Each template is fully customizable to your brand colors. You can choose to use the color palette provided or swap out the colors easily for your own brand!

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Abby Lawson says...

I was feeling unmotivated and in a rut with my business and I wasn't sure how to get out of it. It felt like a train that was slowing down and almost coming to a stop.

After working with Monica, she took my train and shoved it onto the right track so I could keep going and get motivated again.

She's so clear and focused. My business went from stagnant and stale to thriving and growing. I was dreading work, but now I'm stealing away any time I can get to work on my business again!

If you're on the fence, JUMP IN!

Abby Lawson
Just a Girl and Her Blog and Abby Organizes

Get the Box today, sell your digital product tomorrow!

Stop stressing and start selling your digital product... the easy way.

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  • Email List Booster Toolbox: Brainstorm an amazing opt-in and create it in record speeds with beautifully pre-designed templates.
  • Grow Your Email List with a FREE Challenge Toolbox: Generate excitement with the perfect digital product for your community to take action and see results... and grow your email list at the same time!
  • Launch a Digital Product with a Flash Sale Toolbox: Create your digital product with our professionally designed template, then sell it to your existing community the EASY way with a 3-day flash sale!
  • Boost Your Cart Value Toolbox: Generate more revenue on every purchase with our easy resources for utilizing order bumps and upsells for your digital products.
  • Digital Product Extravaganza Toolbox: We tried it and made over $30,000 on digital products under $50... Now all our templates are in YOUR hands!
  • 12 Days of Giveaways Toolbox: Empower your audience free resources, build relationships, and grow your email list all at the same time! Get your hands on our strategy for a multi-day campaign that can explode your email list growth.
  • Tech Tutorials: Easily use all the templates included in the templates with our tutorials for Leadpages, Elementor, and more.

ALL of that includes...

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Promo Graphic Canva Templates

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Pages of Digital Product Canva Templates

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Pages of Email Swipe Copy

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Funnel Page Templates

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Strategy Guides to Build Your Business

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Planning & Tracking Spreadsheets

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Project Planning Boards for Trello and Asana

Price Savings Graphic - Was $297, Now $97!
Get ALL of this for only $97!

Questions? We have answers!

The Box is for bloggers, content creators, service providers, online course sellers, and existing digital product creators who are looking to grow their email list and increase sales!

Our page templates are for Leadpages (you need an active, paid account) and Elementor for Wordpress (the free OR paid versions). However, we also include preview links for all templates so you can rebuild them in any page builder you use.

Absolutely! All templates can either be used with the color palette provided, or updated to match your own branding.

Due to the downloadable nature of the products in each toolbox, we are not able to provide refunds. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions for more information.